FHSAA State Tournament – 2A Semi’s

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FHSAA State Tournament – 2A Semi’s

Academy at the Lakes – got off to a slow start vs. FAMU and never recovered, making their trip to Lakeland a short one, losing the first game of the tournament. Their 2 best players are a sophomore and a freshmen and they will most likely be back in Lakeland next year after posting a 27-1 record prior to the Final 4. The 2 kids you need to know are So. Imani Thomas and freshmen Audra Leipold.

Imani Thomas – 5’10 2017 P/F – Thomas’s problem is going to be that she’s fairly undersized for the position she currently has skills for. That could change but she’s got a thick/strong frame, not the lanky type of 5’10 kid that usually plays the 3/wing. She plays fairly hard and can rebound fairly well. She passes from the high post area and finishes around the basket…

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